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Thread: favorite line/lyric on K.0.D.?

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    favorite line/lyric on K.0.D.?

    red cap, red shirt, red shoestrings my 45 is my bitch and i think she havin mood swings

    thats mine. from b boy skatterman

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    They call me the king of darkness when i offer you no pain, why would they label me heartless when your love is my cocaine and your soul is my rogain, i have a urge to know your brain...

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    it make me wanna drink alot, go up in the pink with knot(?), this the reason i aint at ease n currently on the brink of pac.

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    Leave Me Alone

    All of ya need to try clit, and straight deny dick
    Leave us alone cause you mentally damaged, no try sick
    I wish I wasn't a star and the gentleman would die quick
    So next time you trippin
    I'll flip and hit you in your eye bitch

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    cant pick 1 for sure that hasn't been said already, but tech's entire verse on b.boy is my favorite thing to hear, just cause even though its all b's it still makes sense

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    im going down now because my mom frowns in the research psychiatric center without her son around. and im deep up in this hole and im out here rocking shows (face it) i should be high cause my life is so rock n roll!!

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    "but i feel like the grinch mixed with ebineezer scrooge
    let tha fever ooze up out of me clouding me never eager too"

    and the entire "B" verse from B. Boy

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    the Whole K.O.D. track

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    the last verse in the song K.O.D is for me the best verse on the album. Although when King Gordy says "Christ is an F'n fag, he likes to dress in drag", that always gets a laugh out of me.

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