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Thread: K.O.D. Concert in AUSTIN TX Tomorrow Night!!!! ~among other things

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    K.O.D. Concert in AUSTIN TX Tomorrow Night!!!! ~among other things

    Im super pumped about the concert tomorrow night...ill be driving down from Dallas to peep it. Anyone else going????

    2nd comment- The allen show on the 20th is not looking so hot on tix sales. Im on the street team and gettin flyers this weekend to get the word out but if anyone on here wants to go plz by some tix or tell your friends.

    Much love....keep it straaannggeee

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    The allen show on the 20th is not looking so hot on tix sales.WHAT!??

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    I'll be there in Austin but I heard the venue sucks big time. Bad acoustics etc etc, but it still wont hold tech down...

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    yeah man you didn't hear it from me but we gotta get tix sales higher for the allen show...Damn i hope Austin venue ain't too bad. Its gonna be super hype and loud i know so hopefully it won't affect it too much nah mean???

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    all I know is people better show the fuck up, I missed sickology tour since Tech didn't go to Texas, he's here 3 times so we gotta give him a reason to come back.

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    you gotta tell tech rain dollaz said whats up! everyone!

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    I feel ya man...Tech gotta love TX when he leaves. I know ima be loud so you gotta be too homie.

    I got ya rain...if i see the dude ill shout you out

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    I'm in SA, that don't stop me from driving, getting ready to hop in the car and head that wayyyyyy

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarz
    shit, I live in Harlingen TX, a little bit away from San Antonio, I wish I could make it to Tech N9ne. That show in Austin should go off.! People in Austin are crazy and even if the venue sucks the crowd and Tech will definitely deliver. Someone get Tech to stop through San Antonio, that would be the shit!!!!!!

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