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Thread: Hopsin-Gazing At The Moonlight

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    Hopsin-Gazing At The Moonlight

    You guys should pick this album up. It is some of the best hip hop out there no lie.

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    I've listened to enough to realize this dude is fuckn NICE!
    Im coppin this CD within the week off
    That "Pans in the Kitchen" goes HARD

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    yeah its a realy good cd i bought it off itunes its cou

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    HELL YA. I've been listening to it for the past week a lot.

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    a new favorite rapper this dude has some major ass talent one of the best rappers ive ever heard everysong is amazing hes like a black eminem

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    Hopsin gettin some advertising on at the top by all the banners his Cd is bein promoted

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