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Thread: Bass in Tech N9ne songs...

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    Bass in Tech N9ne songs...

    Alright, so I know as a method to try to get more black listeners Tech made his shit bump hella hard, with deep bass. He said he started doin that on tracks off MLK with songs like Gangsta Shap. Then off Everready and Sickology also. But I've had my system for over 2 years now, and even when I listen to his older shit, it pounds pretty hard. So I guess what I'm gettin at is...any one notice a difference in like how low it goes or whatever? Cause I have two 12inch MTX Jackhammers in my trunk and I don't see much difference between lets say Questions or Relish off Calm Before The Storm, cause those songs hit hella hard. And lets say Demons or B Boy, cause those two tracks hit hella hard off also. And thats a huge time difference between release. Any one care to try and explain???

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    yeah nothin' hits too.
    tech has sick beat's and lyrics, that's what makes him the SHIT!

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    I have 2 12" Memphis Audios and a 2000 watt amp and all of Techs song have kik ass bass but I have noticed that over the years the bass does hit a lil harder and the beats that hes using now plays with different frequencys n shit...all Techs music beats the shit outta my trunk lol so not alot of difference but the bass in my opinion is def gettin harder...The bass is Hunterish blows my mind fo real... I watched smoke vibrate in my car and it was awesome haha

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    Yeah right when Tech says.."So I hop inside of my Mercedes and let the bass go" I love it so much. Lol. Oh and Corey, I love that fuckin shirt dude. I have hella DGK in my closet. Jus thought I would throw that out there haha.
    Yeah Hunterish is ridiculous with the bass. I've noticed though, after Like Yeah came out, the bass lines were more consistent. Like there weren't jus a few deep hittin parts, it was jus more...boom boom right after another..I love it. Lol.

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