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Thread: bump knuckles

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    bump knuckles

    Question, I just want to know why every likes his verse. Please give me some insight. Maybe I missed something? Because I only heard him really rhyme like 3 times in the whole verse, and one of which he rhymed the a word with the exact same word. Also, I hated how he stopped at the end of every line and repeated the last word like 3 times. I also didn't like his flow one bit.

    Please don't flame, I just want to see why people like his verse.

    This is obviously in regards to B Boy

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    Because it sounded good?

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    it sounded like shit, he didn't even rhyme.

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    ur full of shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    ur full of shit

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    hahaha man bumpy knuckles is just a strayt og man. from my point of view he killed this shit give the man the props. i love his vers

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    Its not about rhyming its about the words. Its poetry man lol. I loved his part i thought it was kinda funny

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    "They thought my music was strange, until I made me some change..and now they ridin my nuts, nuts. Tech nines out the window, you see my KC killas ridin by, yall niggas better duck duck..." Shits dope dude. Words don't gotta rhyme perfectly to sound good. If every rapper did that ban, can, dan, man, ran'd get old pretty quick.

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    He snapped!!! Hes an OG and I think his verse is badass

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    His verse was the second best in the song, imo.

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