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Thread: Grant Rice?

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    Grant Rice?

    wat happened to grant rice never hear tech mention him anymore

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    They parted ways. Shit happens like that all the time. He has his own label I think called Empire.

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    I chatted to Panic from the empire a while back, he said Grant was doin some solo shit, fuck he has potential!!!

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    Yea, last I heard a bout Grant rice was he was doing his own thing. Did an album, but scratched it to recreate it or something. I think he started doing more rock sounding tracks. I think they still cool with Grant rice though. I remember he was one of Tech's hype men on stage.

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    grants insane on kuttys flamez

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    can anyone tell me where i can buy Grant Rices albums Ive been searching all over the internet and i cant find none of his albums for sale. Can someone let me know, Grant Rice is the Shit!!!!

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    i ot the empire crowned dope ass album dope latin cats rappin

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