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Thread: Zoog Cypher by EOM

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    Zoog Cypher by EOM

    Zoog Cypher by EOM

    The Palmer Squares - Twitter: @PalmerSquares

    WAX - Twitter: @BIGWAX

    Alyssa Marie - Twitter @alyssaMariiie

    Traphik - Twitter: @Traphik

    Shizzy Sixx - Twitter: @SuicideVI

    Dumbfoundead - @dumbfoundead

    Waiting for response.

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    Just thought I would start a thread for this cypher considering pretty much every rapper who I think is hugely underrated has already been in it through the string of call outs. Check 'em out, they're all ridiculous.

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    this one was startlingly good too, i think my favorite of the above was the alyssa marie one.. god damn she ripped it to shreds!

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