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Thread: Fight night line up who do u think will win

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    Fight night line up who do u think will win

    Please i want to know others opinion on who would win if they ever came into the octagon in UFC if they had the skills or just threw fist just to handle business kinda like celebrity Death match but more like MC/Rapper death match First Fight starting with>

    Tech9Ne vs Lil Wayne?
    Stevie Stone vs Grandmaster Flash?
    Talib Kweli vs Big Daddy Kane
    Kurtis Blow vs Sir Mix-a-lot
    Kool Moe Dee vs Slick Rick
    Young MC vs Cypress Hill
    Doug E. Fresh vs Dead Prez
    Too Short vs Ice-t
    Mobb Deep vs Joe Budden
    Redman vs Kurupt
    Ghostface Killah vs Talib Kweli
    Kool G Rap vs Eminem

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    Whoever has the bigger bodyguard and more people with them.

    & It's Tech N9ne, not Tech9Ne, if you're gunna be on his website at least get his name right.

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