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Thread: Face Paint Help?

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    Face Paint Help?

    Okay this question goes to anyone who paints their face with details....
    If I wanted to paint my face just like Tech's Sickology album, what should I use for the details?

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    Senior Member Strange1914Rat's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Id reccomend just a thin brush like i got some at target lil kiddys brushes get the one with plastic type bristles not the hair type, or get krylon paint sticks. Idk where they sell them but they are good for detail i guess

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    Senior Member VicaVersa's Avatar
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    use some eyeliner dat will work like it did for me heres my facepaint:

    <p ="text-align: left;">

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    Thats pretty tight. The newspapers make the shot look dope.

    Quote Originally Posted by VicaVersa
    use some eyeliner dat will work like it did for me heres my facepaint:

    <p ="TEXT-ALIGN: left">

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