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Thread: G&E track w/ Kaliko!!

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    G&E track w/ Kaliko!!

    The first time I heard this song I thought it sounded like a Tech N9ne track; circa: Everready. Then I saw that it's produced by Rick Rock (who did "Jellysickle" & "My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl"). It kind of sounds like Krizz Kaliko is singing the chorus, too. Regardless, the songs is by G&E (Grouch & Eligh, both of the Living Lengends) off their new album "Say G&E!" It's a great record and this song is a stand out track to me.

    G & E - "Denial"


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    Cool track, pretty sure thats Rick Rock doin the chorus, sounds alot like his singin voice. Good find though, I gotta get this cd.

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    thats not Kaliko lol....

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    I know it's not Kaliko, but at first, before I was paying attention to the liner notes, etc. I thought it sounded like him. I knew he wasn't featured on the album.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    thats not Kaliko lol....

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    the chorus is the same as the grinch !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    G&e are sick as fuck they were dope at paid dues

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    fucking dick...i was excited for a minute...and then my dreams were shatterd haha. but na i cant wait tell the whole underground starts using kali on their hooks. gurentee itll happen someday

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