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Thread: Beanie Sigel(Jay Z diss) "average cat"

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    Beanie Sigel(Jay Z diss) "average cat"

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    haha exactly what im listenin to right now, ill share my thoughts soon.

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    yeah just got through listening to this shit the 3rd time around,I hope jay goes back and doesnt act all "holier than thou" and not answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mic E.D.
    haha exactly what im listenin to right now, ill share my thoughts soon.

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    Jay is scared of beef.

    I can see Jay-z making a song right now tryin to destroy beans, 50, and joe budden.

    and then joe, 50, and beans making a track back ;-)

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    who knows man? but on the real i gave away my copy of bp3 cause personally it seemed like jay is condescending with his lyrics and talks down to the listeners(just my opinion)i know hes a millionaire and all but damn his whole album was basically him justifying his content because of his success and that it should be okay to talk about money and business as long as you got it, which is cool and all but not for me

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmagyk
    That's real shit. Beans don't lie. how the fuck Jay going to explain calling the cops on him? just lost the little respect i had for Jay.

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    Same ol bitter disses...I like Sigel but its gotta understand once you enter this lil hip hop thing on a mainstream label you aint got buddies its still a business and the shit is still cut throate..It seem like a lota rappers get kinda bitter and start dissin the labels and who runnin shit or put em on (buddens vs hov, def jam example, p diddy and the lox) ...shit like that, wont let me leave the label..Shit motherfucker if Jay is your boss, hes your motherfuckerin boss and you are his employee, just cause yall homies and kick it outside of work don't mean shits gonna be all homies when it comes down to that person actually being your boss.. Maybe theres more to his diss but all I really heard was wont let me leave the label roc falling out situation ect for the reason to diss him.....And that whole "didnt come see me in prison or write me no letters" ass shit, come on man you a grown up...I know inside every lil visit and letter makes you feel happy but stop actin like a female and be a grown up..The world keeps movin while you locked up and nobody thinkin about your ass while you in cept your mama...All just sound like some crybaby shit..

    -As I wrote somewhere else as well.

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