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Thread: Black Pegasus- Shitting On The Industry mixtape (Gonna be with Tech tonight in Denver)

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    Black Pegasus- Shitting On The Industry mixtape (Gonna be with Tech tonight in Denver)

    just thought I would get the word out on my home boy Black P,those from the CO know who he is no doubt, but hes got a beast mixtape called shitting on the industry n it sounds pretty good, check it out it drops tommorow, but idk bout outside CO but you could probly get it off his site.
    Heres a couple of songs: - lil wayne diss - Put my flag on(souja boy diss sorta) - BIGGIE JUICY REMIX

    and I thought Id throw this in cus its funny: - BLACK PEGASUS makes CRACK (spoof)

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    just picked it up and it is fucking great btw

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    ya black p is big just south in Albuquerque NM i got to cop that i love that lil wayne anthem, i also got to get brass knuckle king to ya herd

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    good shit

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    whered you pick tha mix tape up at

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