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Thread: To tell you the TRUTH!!!

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    To tell you the TRUTH!!!

    I still haven't heard K.O.D., Now don't get me wrong...I bought 2 copies and had D.J. Chill, Kaliko, Scoob, Kutt, & Tech sign both of em' @ the F.Y.E. instore signing.... I'm just scared that the DARKNESS might swallow me fully in, since I'm in that same fuckin dark hole Tech moms is sick, Im confused bout GOD, I ain't really seeing my child grow up, so much shit is happenin...sorry to let's out but it has to come out off of my chest...

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    just roll up a fat one, put on the king of darkness and lose yourself man.

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    Don't blame ya, it's a great album. It definitely doesn't brighten up one's mood though. It's hard not to get sucked in, that's why there is even the warning at the back.

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    i feel u on that man, really do, but techs dark shit helps me out, it gets me threw, and he moreless raps 4 u, (like the samething ur goin threw, and wut u would of said on a track) instead of 2 u,... all other rappers,rap 2 u, bout shit u cant hardly relate 2, besides pac & tech!!!!...there albums get me bye, 4real.
    i luv this fuckin album, i think its his best shit ever, with anghellic.

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