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Thread: Call me stupid....

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    Call me stupid....

    ....or whatever but first of all i never heard of King Gordy until this album, i have heard the name before but thats pretty much it...why is there soo much controversy around him being on the album? Just Curious

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    You're Stupid! Lol Jk...People Are Just Mad Because Of His Verse On "Horns". Personally, I Thought His Verse Was Dope And I Was Not At All Offended By It.

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    You're stupid. jk.
    Coz his verse in horns.
    he said somn bout jesus fkn virgin mary n shit.
    but at the end of the day they're all just words.
    it's all about perspective man!!

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    oh ok i thought maybe there was beef or some shit like that

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    His verse is fucking sick.Like aaron said,i was not at all offended by it

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    I didn't like the verse that much it pissed me off a lil bit when I 1st heard it but it grew on me its dope but shits hella wrong 2 say but oh well

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    I love that verse

    I'm in the desert sands of bethlaham
    trying to get jesus to rape mary in the manger and molest a lamb
    Don't jack yourself off jesus use someone elses hands
    so where's thos damn desciple he'd like to have some sex again
    I guess st. peter's receiving cuz jesus poked his ass
    Christ is a f-in fag he likes to dress in drag
    but hey I guess his dad is just as mad
    God would've never had a sissy for a son bet he's regrettin that
    but yet he still aint accept the fact
    That hes fucking his mother and at the last supper he cofesses that
    he's an undercover man lover and oh yeah heavans whack
    he don't want the light now i got christ wearin black
    I'm the devil on his shoulder
    Yeah I'm that scary fat demon that'll turn all you heathons into scardy cats
    king gordy the anti christ god killer
    I am befor and after christ i'm called the center mother fucker

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    The first time I seen King Gordy, he was opening up for Tech N9ne!

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    Yeah his verse doesn't bother me at all anymore. I mean at first I was like did he just say that lol!! One thing that I was suprised about though is the volume of his verse. It's lower than the others and I would think Strange would have noticed that when mastering it.

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    Couldn't give a fuck about his verse or existance..

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