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Thread: got pulled over

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    got pulled over

    so i was poundin my jl audio w3 yesterday the album was kod the song was #5 strange music box vol. at 25 on alpine and all the windows in my town car was down when the pigs jump right on my ass, they said they heard me 3 blocks away and they spotted me slam dancing in my driver seat (drove) when i bumped by so all i need to say is fuck tha police and a 5-0 too.

    ps i only got a $100 ticket for that album juggalos

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    How do you slam dance in a car

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    thanks for letting us know it was on an alpine!!

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    whatd they pull you over for? disturbing the peace? breaking noise violations?

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    I've been pulled over listening to 'Be Jealous' TOO LOUD after a Tech concert, but no ticket...

    JL goes hard!!!

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    It's what californians do. lol. i think. idk. pretty much moshin in the car.
    fuck the police
    immmma cop killaaa. not rly but i like that song.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strange1914Rat
    How do you slam dance in a car

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