B. Boy (Tech N9ne's Verse) - K.O.D.

Beats Banging
Better Bring it Big
or Bounce Bitch.
Bout ta Blast it
in Blood im Back
in this Black Brick.
Boss Balla
Been Breakin Bread
and Be debt free
and Beautiful Biancs
in Bideos in Begas
with Big B's
Bow Before
Blessed to Be
Buildin' It
Best in this
Bario, Bane and Bizzare
we more Billed in this
Bankin this Baby
Be Blingin
and it's Booby
that Big Booty
Big Butts
Big in this Bencil Bronze
and get Big Bucks
im a Black Baboon
Bring me Bags of Bananas
Bonafide Billy Bad ass
with a Brown Bandana
Been gone on
BacardiBou lou
But im Bout to Be Bigger then
Better Break if you Bustin
Before im Blown and Belligerent
six dudes trip Big in it
im Bloated and Blimpy
Broads Be Blowin me
in the Back of the
Black Bentley
never Been Bout
no Babble and
im Bringin no crew see
But i Been in the Bay
with Big ron like
shaBooBuhla Boopy.