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Thread: Top 5 songs on K.O.D.? whats ur pick?

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    Top 5 songs on K.O.D.? whats ur pick?

    My Picks

    1. Low
    2. Shadows on The Road
    3, Leave Me Alone
    4. Blackened The Sun
    5. Killing You

    demons, strange music box, pinnocchiho, hunterish and b boy are good 2, i love how the show me a god beat comes in its a fighter

    best line just for the hell of it because i just heard it and laughed again xD

    "im a black baboon bring me bags of bananas" - B Boy lol

    i honestly gotta say Kaliko really shined on this record as well i love the natural sound they captured on the recording of his voice on this record

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    Senior Member Flicktion.'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    1. Killing You
    2. Demons
    3. Horns
    4. Shadows on the Road
    5. Leave Me Alone

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    Junior Member TK242's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    1. Horns
    2. Demons
    3. B. Boy
    4. Leave Me Alone
    5. Check Yo Temperature (maybe cause of Sundae?)

    Much Love Strangerz!

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    B Boy
    In the Trunk
    Strange Music Box
    Leave Me Alone

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    1) Demons
    2) K.O.D.
    3) Low
    4) Blacken the sun
    5) Hunterish
    Fave line from K.O.D. " They call me the king of darkness when I offer you no pain, why would they label me heartless when your love is my cocaine, I have a urge to know your brain..."

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    2.leave me alone
    3.strange music box

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    Senior Member Shlaze3790's Avatar
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    1)killing you
    4)Blackend the sun

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    Senior Member ₡₱♛'s Avatar
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    1. Low
    2. Leave Me Alone
    3. Blackened The Sun
    4. Strange Music Box
    5. Demons

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    alright her's mine in no paticular order:

    blacken the sun
    kilin' you
    of course the martini
    check yo temperature
    and i'ma add one more cuz the album is the shit lol, B Boy

    i probably woulda had leave me alone and show me a god on there but i bumped that shit too much before it came out and now those songs are still bangin' but just don't make the cut rightnow lmfao

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    Senior Member Big Pidge's Avatar
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    Blackened the sun dissapointed me I wasn't expectin it 2 b like that but oh well its stilla dope song it jus like a "I don't giva fuck" song u kno but I can't pick jus 5 songs its still early 4 me

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