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Thread: Snoop Lion

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    Snoop Lion

    So apparently Snoop Dogg doesn't want to be a rapper anymore, instead turning to reggae.

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    Lol, yeah my brother put me on to this. Honestly, the name "Snoop Lion" is fucking retarded. But, the idea isn't too bad. His claim that he has always felt like a reincarnation of Bob Marley is also pretty fucking retarded, but I get it. He said he went to Jamaica and hung out with some legitimate Rasta "priests", so who knows. He could be for real about it, turning to reggae isn't necessarily a big money-maker here in the states.

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    What the fuck did those Rastas put in Snoops weed???

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    Exactly probably killed a lot of braincells lol

    Quote Originally Posted by CrAzY~C!

    What the fuck did those Rastas put in Snoops weed???

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    Snoop's Lyin. Fuck no he ain't changin his name n goin jamaican. Maybe an album than we'll have the return of Snoop Dogg and maybe 1 day the return of Snoop Doggy Dogg.

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    Well, ill tell you what......this is an Awkward Change.

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