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Thread: Siriusly Pissed (EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE IT IS IMPORTANT DAMNIT technicians stand up!!!!)

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    Siriusly Pissed (EVERYONE READ THIS PLEASE IT IS IMPORTANT DAMNIT technicians stand up!!!!)

    ok yall know on this site im always about love n never get pissed but i gotta hate on this:

    Sirius 45 Shade 45 - Shady's Uncut Hip-Hop Station

    I CALL THESE MUTHAFUCKAZ ALL THE TIME N REQUEST TECH N9NE and others. I Requested "Leave Me Alone "Midwest Choppers 2" , "Blown Away" , "Sickology 101" , "Like Yeah" basically whatever comes out that is a tech hit

    I requested Kaliko "Misunderstood" & Kutt Calhoun "Bunk Rock Bitch" and Prozak "Why".

    i requested "Why" Thinkin ok twista's in it they might bump it and "Midwest Choppers 2" thinkin Krayzie Bones on that...tryna git some buzz goin. shit

    NEVER ONE FUCKING PLAY OF ANYTHING!!!!!! They Play Slaughterhouse and fucking everything else but no Tech N9ne WHAT IS THE FUCKING DEAL????

    Call 1 - 888 - SHADE45 and leave Angela Yee a fucking message and git her to play "LEAVE ME ALONE"

    Mufuckin Damnit, im incoherently pissed LOL


    right now they are playin Slaughterhouse "Cuckoo" & BONE THUGS

    These Fuckers need to stop ignoring strange I WANNA MAKE A STATION:

    SIRIUSLYSTRANGE RADIO ill DJ that muthafucka tech lets git a station ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I got them to play "Leave Me Alone" on Sunday around 2 or 3

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    um....shade 45 is playin his shit lol....even tech said they are

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