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Thread: Can't believe this

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    Can't believe this

    I'm on the Chicago Tech street team. I've been on it since 2006 n been promotin my ass off on every Strange album since Everready. Well today me n my friend went to a mall near my house before we left for the ICP show tonight and I usually walk in the mall with promos but only had the KOD posters and snipers left. So I'm walkin, and all of a sudden these 2 mall security muthafuckas came up to me and wanted to talk to me. They said right away that they know about me promotin and want me to stop puttin posters on the walls and on poles outside the mall. They said they knew it was me promotin because I had a Tech jacket, Strange jersey, and a Tech hat on and I was like Strange all day all night baby. They said I had to stop or they would give me a 50 dollar ticket. I told them I'm promotin for the number 1 independent hip hop artist of all time. They said just stop it, so I looked them in the eyes and said F.U.N. and walked away. After we got out of the mall, my friend drove me around and I still posters on the poles n shit so all I got to say is if u live in the chicagoland area and know about Fox Valley Mall, fuck them. They don't know shit about Tech n Strange. I'll keep promoting.

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    damn paul blart mother fuckers.

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    They wouldnt let me join in kc. They said they got enough people already. Sounds like some bull shit to me

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    Technically they CAN tell you not to promote.

    You're supposed to be polite with the shit, because you're representing the record label.

  5. #5 a cops are hilarious...I was hust at the K.O.D signing and this mall security was tryin to act all hard like a real cop...

    Quote Originally Posted by J9X
    damn paul blart mother fuckers.

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