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    so i preordered KOD. everytime ive done that wit strange ive gottn it the day b4. i didnt get it yesterday or today. so should i b tryin to check on that shit? or should i not stress about it anymore

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    Im having the same shit. If you got a confirmation email they have a link where you can track it. Call the number where it says where you can check on it. I did and UPS said I could expect mine on Friday. It fuckin sucks.

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    Some people get there's late. It's usually the post office's fault.

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    I actually think it might ship from L.A.

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    I'm still waitin for mine... the tracking number said it was shipped on yesterday lol... but I'm not too stressed about it

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    I haven't gotten mine either, no shipment email either...I'll give it a week before I start to worry.

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    I'm encountering the same problem...Just gonna wait a couple more days and see what happens.. This is what download leaks are good for, haha..

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