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Thread: Sons of Anarchy

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    Sons of Anarchy

    The best show is on in a couple of Minutes on FX. Its called Sons of Anarchy. Its like half way through the season already but if you want to watch a good show watch it.

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    Dude my tvs shut off and im gonna miss it. After that huge ass fight this sux lol

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    Yeah S.O.A one of the best shows on TV, watchin right now lol

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    Ive seen two episodes and love it

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    this past episode was fuckin insane, best one yet

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    This show is fuckin dope. But it don't come on til 11 where I'm at.

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    Yeah no doubt, I really like this show...I bought the first season a couple months ago..I usualy just have to buy the seasons of any show when they come out cause I don't get a chance to watch that shit every week...Most def. one of my favorite shows to watch..along with Weeds, Entourage, Californication..

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