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Thread: Woody Awards

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    Woody Awards

    So I have a feeling a lot of people on here have already done it, but peoples need to vote for Tech to get a Woody Award for real. It's cool he got nominated, but let's get em to win. That'd be tight. Here's the link to the site to vote.

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    There is a better one on the front page of this website. It is easily spammable and alot of people have gotten auto clickers and let it run for acouple hours. But yah thanks for reminding me cuz i havent voted for awhile and im sure alot of people spaced it too

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    Oh shit for real? Ha shows how much I pay attention. Didn't even notice the one on this website. I was jus on FB and saw Tech's post for it. So yeah.

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    So there's no limit as to how many times you can vote for Mr.Yates?

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