I am working to earn points on a website called LOCKERZ.com. This website is a marketing ploy put on by companies so they can advertise their products. In return for the advertising they give away free merchandise to the creators of the website.

This merchandise can be won by earning certain amounts of points within the website. To earn points you can simply sign in daily for 4 points. If you want to make 8 points a day you must recruit 20 people and then all your points will double.I am trying to recruit 20 people right now so I can get enough points for a macbook pro.

The way the site works is that you sign in daily. Just for signing in you will recieve 2 points. Then to recieve 2 more points you can just answer the daily question which is a personal preference question(doesn't matter what you answer). For every person you refer you will gain an additional 2 points. Once you recruit 20 people all your points from that point on will be doubled. To use these points you simply go to the page of prizes.A PSP is 200 points, iPod touch 32gig is 600 points, macbook is 1000 points, a macbook pro is 1500 points, and a 40" LCD Samsung HDTV is 3000 points. These are just some of the prizes you can get.

You will not be spammed and your email will not be hacked in any way it is totally safe and it is the shit.

So basically if you could send me back a message with your email i will send a referral on your email. Otherwise you cannot join the site because you need to be referred. So if you want a macbook pro in 200 days hit me up with your email...if not sorry for wastin your time I guess.