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Thread: Got a copy of K.O.D. Today

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    Got a copy of K.O.D. Today

    As a member of the street team here in Dallas, and all bias aside. This cd is in my opinion the best tech has put out. From track 1 to 23 its amazing. Beats came through...the content is there...features were nice and did their things. I really was blown away by the whole thing...the high-point for me was Low. It was just the perfect song in the perfect spot of the cd. like i played it 5 times on repeat and still was blown away.

    Just a ic piece of art by the one and only tecca nina. Go buy a copy today/tonight/tomorrow/ASAP this shit is legit!

    Big ups Strange and Tech

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    I've yet to hear the entire album but from what I have I'd agree that it is his best. I'm 'bout to go pick it up in a minute, hopefully this small ass town will have it somewhere.

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    i havent heard too many songs from it yet but my husband said that its the sickest album yet. but i want to know is how in fuck do you get on tech's street team? cuz i want anyone and everyone to know about the genius they call tech n9ne.

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