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    Read ME

    what up yall,

    I've been writing all the time lately and i decided to post stuff up here as i make it. I guess this is some insight to the rocker, the rapper, the musician, the guitar player, the guy whatever. i got nothing else right now i just hope somebody sees this and likes it or whatever and if u dont whatever u can read and follow along post comments or responses. feel free

    this is rich the rocker. this is me.

    i'll start with this....

    life has become a nightmare
    im trapped inside of this hole
    keep my dreams, they're right there,
    feel like im losing my soul.
    each day i go on fighting
    writing, and hoping for more
    wanna put my mind at peace
    so i prepare for the war.
    write pieces, write verses
    the page never ends
    chapters are rites
    insight to the curse
    the church cannot end
    i got this beast within
    telling me to speak
    so i breathe deep
    i got this heat to defend
    i walk in the streets
    with knees weak
    but i keep draggin myself through the gutter
    through the trash and the clutter
    coping with smoke has doped
    up my mind to the pain and i suffer
    but still i wait for sleep
    and can awake to my destiny
    but im woken by the screams
    of the demons who get the best of me
    do u see the best in me?
    enough to keep my heart
    in my chest and see
    the talent beyond this world
    would you still invest in me?
    im numb to the pain cause i cant take it
    drives me insane
    look in the mirror see whats in my brain
    i dont fake it, im dark
    i dont fake this, it's art
    i'm pitch black cause the sun rays
    has turned it's back on me now
    i've seen brighter days
    i've seen lighter ways
    i'm hoping for a higher power some how
    but where do i start to make
    ends meet and leave marks?
    i had grades, not no dummy no A's
    im number one but i need a jumpstart
    the car just wont start
    i cant open up sometimes
    cause it hurts so much inside
    so i save this pain for my rhymes
    when i write i aint got no breaks
    ask for the end of my verse i aint got no brakes
    cause i got what it takes
    what more must i give
    ive given this music shit my life
    it's become my reason to live.

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    you know you've kept me sane
    through all this hate and pain
    you cared for me when
    all i could do is destroy my brain.
    this life has been a game
    i fight for every gain
    so break me down
    never wallow in fruitless shame.
    i swallow, just bite my tongue
    wont follow, just up and run
    im on the path to show the world
    its me look out now here i come
    cause we get one shot
    im gonna take my aim
    sight in the bullseye
    stare it down and
    blast away the paint.
    i never was a saint
    but that don't make hell my nest
    you read my life like a book
    heart bleeds out of an open chest
    like i forgot my vest.
    like im dressed inside my best
    and im in a casket
    just got blasted
    so lay me to rest.

    this life is all ive got to live
    this writes all that ive got to give
    so this is my right
    my rite of passage is
    the passing of these words
    these songs someday 2 my wife and kids
    and if thats the way it becomes
    tell my parents they never lost there only son
    i can be number one and bring heat hotter than one thousand suns
    the streets of one thousand guns
    the houses from the block to the holy
    places with monks and nuns
    i aint goin religious now
    but i need god on my side
    cause when nobody riding shotgun
    still imma need 2 drive.
    thats how the true survive
    would u look through these eyes
    look at the tears ive cried
    and see the strength
    and will to strive.

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