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Thread: why do i get the feeling???

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    why do i get the feeling???

    That hiphopdx is gonna fuck up and shit all over their official k.o.d. review???

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    I think I'm doubting them because they failed to realize the concept of "areola" which was repeatedly beaten over the listeners head as long as you listened to the cd in its entirety plus I just read the review of royce da 59's streethop and the reviewer referred to the song "far away" as a song for the ladies??wut the fuck??these types of misconceptions lead me to the conlusion that such a celebrated and championed hiphop site like dx is hiring lazy bias reviewers who skim through music. Again, wut the fuck???

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    whatchu talkin bout? what is hiphopdx?

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    Hiphop website

    Quote Originally Posted by RICH THE ROCKER
    whatchu talkin bout? what is hiphopdx?

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    fuck them and whatever review they give i'm still gonna bump it xD and if anyone doesnt listen because of a typed up opinion they're truly missing out

    and there statements about areola and far away as u stated prove they have the credit of a bounced check. thats right a bounced check. LOL

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    i no...i go to that site alot....n sometimes they dont fukin think

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    it probably just depends on who's reviewing it. Not everyone who works for those type of websites are the brightest people. I got a friend who reviews movies for a website, and he defitinitly dosen't know what he's talking about half the time.

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