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Thread: Cognito.......Ur thoughts

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    Cognito.......Ur thoughts

    Wht do yall think of Techs new artist........heard some song previews off the new album, shit sounds pretty good

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    where did u hear these previews at

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    one is on his myspace page n heard the others with a homie

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    Theres already something goin round on the forums bout this, but yea, dudes pretty good. hope hes good for strange.

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    hes a hella nice dude hella talkative at the meet and greet. im excited for his stuff. the songs they played of his at the concert between performances sounded sick

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    for real... thats tyte, gotta wait ta see him the next time they come back my way

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    I got to meet him in Santa Cruz. Dude was way cool. He was with Brotha Lynch after the show out back by the tour bus. Him and Lynch were talking to AP9 of the Mob Figaz. I believe AP9 and Cognito are hella close or something. Yea Cognito said he will be finishing his album next month right when the tour ends. I will try and post the picture I took with him and Brotha Lynch Hung. Im excited about the automatic album, from what I have heard its dope as shit. (That was only a few songs but still Im gona cop for sure)

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