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Thread: Kod set list

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    Kod set list

    What songs are in tech's set this tour?

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    good ones

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    umm most that i can remember (Not in order though)

    Like I Died
    Areola w/ chant
    Blackened the sun
    Strange Music box
    Imma Playa
    Caribou Lou
    riot maker
    Bohemian rhapsody acapella
    leave me alone
    doe doe
    happy birthday (with tech)
    bunk rock bitch
    bout to bubble
    the beast
    midwest chopper (tech verse)
    ghetto love
    welcome to the midwest
    party n bullshit

    maybe a couple other short acapellas

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    He does Everybody Move also. Kutt does I See It to the Thriller Beat. But yeah, that dude pretty much covered it all. He does a little bit of Imma Tell also.

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    how long is his set when i saw him on mlk he did for like 70 min any longer now?

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