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Thread: I know this might be old and shit but...

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    I know this might be old and shit but...

    What's up with Prozak? Is he like Skatter and Snugg, doin tracks but without the paper work? Jus wonderin cause I've been waitin for his new shit to drop, Hitchcock of Hip Hop.

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    Hell yeah that track with Tech and Twista that samples the Twilight Zone sounds DOPE as fuck. That song alone makes me wanna hear the album. I actually liked Prozak's last album, there was some good songs on there, and I wasn't really a Prozak fan, but he's growin on me now.

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    I've been wondering the same thing, Prozak is my second favorite artist on strange so I can't wait for his shit to drop.

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    Tales From The Sick was the shit, stoked for his next one

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    Same here his shit was supposed to be out in September where is it?

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    Prozak, supposedly his contact is up soon, so not sure if his new cd will be out from Strange. With Skat n Snug, I'm a field rep for their new label Bigg Shot music n films, they're just doin songs with Strange, but got their own label to worry about.

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