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    So I did the VIP last night in San Diego at the House of Blues. This was my second VIP, so I met Tech, Krizz, and Kutt again, but it was my first time meeting Cognito (Strange's newest artist out of the bay area) Big Scoob, Slaughterhouse, Glasses Malone, and Stevie Stone. I had not listened to anything from Stevie Stone prior to the show. I have to say that I was incredibly impressed. His stage show can only be rivaled by Tech N9ne. Stone had an amazing stage presence and really moved the crowd like no opening act I have ever seen. I just wanted to spread the word and see if anyone else has seen Stevie Stone perform. Dude was dopeee. I bought his cd after too and so far it BANGS.

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    Damn Right!

    Go Get His Album "New Kid Comin" At Any Best Buy Location!

    Himmi Hyme!

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    You know I thought the same thing. He's a cool ass dude too.

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    Himmi that dudes cool as fuck to

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    Yeah, my girl and I went up to him after the show and just told him how much respect we had. I truly have never been impressed that much by any opening acts for Tech N9ne. He was all cool about it, took us over to the merch booth cause I told him I wanted a CD so he signed and it was all thankful. Nice cat, sick performer. I could see him headlining some time soon.

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    i got stevie stones album. its fuckin sick!! cant wait to see him in concert..

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    met him at the meet and greet in missoula but he didn't perform that night i was kinda dissapointed he seemed like a chill dude

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    Man Idk.... I mean I thought the album was cool but for some reason after one listen I hated it. I can't get into it at all. I mean he has a cool sound but something about the music just bores the hell out of me. No offense to Stevie Stone. I know he's doin' his thang and I respect him for that different sound. Just wasn't my type

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    Yeah dude opened here in Boise. Along with Glasses Malone. Both dudes are sick. I need to get some extra cash and cop his album. His stage presence is pretty dope, I agree on that too.

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    yea i met him at the meet and greet alot of people didnt know who he was.. but i was impressed by his stage performance to give it to him man

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