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Thread: lastnight's show in L.A.

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    lastnight's show in L.A.

    that was siiiiiiick... didn't expect mack 10 or lil eazy to be there and do a few songs. tech let us know he ain't never gon' stop making music which is probably some of the best news i heard all year. had a sick ass set, got kali's and tech's autograph, wish i woulda got kutt's cuz that's my nigga right there but hey... i'm god w/ two for three. any of y'all go to the show?

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    Senior Member Mike Howard's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Damn that's hard!! Lil eazy and Mack 10... Was lynch there?

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    Senior Member JAY LoW's Avatar
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    damn, thats sounds tight, mack 10crazy !? damn, i bet mack 10 tripped out on tech, i bet he remembers puttin him on the "thicker than water" soundtrack when he was hardley heard of, now he's at his show doin songs before tech ! thats nuts .

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    nah not lynch, i thought he was gonna be there too... but that shit was badass!!

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    hell yea that shit was bad ass man..i was there last night krizz meet kutt and tech n9ne and all

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    i only got to meet kali but i didn't have that vip thingy

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    the meet and greet was so worth it man my cousin had his vociemail done my tech 9..there was probably about only 30 people so it was chill everyone got there time with kutt krizz and tech

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    did u ask them any useful questions?

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    Junior Member Oddselph's Avatar
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    He'll yea it was...dope shit, meet and great was dope as fuck, show was off the hook as always, props to angel and his cousin holdin down the front row all night, fa sho, can't wait for the next one...those who haven't seen a show yet, your mind will be fuckin blown

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    It was also dope that tech's kids were there, they got there at end of the meet and greet, and he kinda walked away from em right quick to regain his composure, I mean fuck I'd be hella emotional too if I haven't seen my kids for months, it was dope though,much love to tech.... his kids and wifey were top row balcony front and center watching him rock that shit....

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