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Thread: So i know its late but...

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    So i know its late but...

    I have pre-ordered all the other albums since killer so really only 2 but i was planning on pre-ordering K.O.D. and i sorta just forgot. Like it was in my mind that i already have. But anyways if i pre-order it tonight do you think its to late or will not arrive on time?

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    It might but there is a good chance it wont.

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    May not be on time, but atleast you get the bonus tracks.

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    Well i already have the bonus tracks, i want the strange music necklace and stickers. But i also want the album monday

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    It probably will be there a day or two after monday, but you still get the goodies.

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    just go to the store its already out got mine today so did rain dollaz

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