I need 2 get this shit recorded but heres the lyrics 2 verse 1:

im a lyrical spitter,
mic hitter
meaning im a rapper
pick of the litter
i git her
you see im just a slacker
but i spit faster than that
and im back with a chick
in the sack
but im low on the doe
so you know i got the flow
and attack
so i just flow on a track
and get hopes on a stack
hoping this shit gon be hot
and rock the pop show
when i rap.
and fo sho when i spat
ya hoes gonna get low
on my dick
blow like a bubble
startin trouble like
a michevious prick
best be belieiving this shit
im leaving ya bitch
im decieving as shit
feeling like batman but im villainous
you wanna get with this rockstar
baby im just a slacker
dream of going far
but im backwards
smokin on blunts tryna
spit fast words.
any mc step to me i dish em out with they last words
rich the rocker coming like a chopper
master of disaster
flow colder than alaska
clowin like a bozo so listen 2 the laughter
and i flow so deangerously
haters slanging verbal debris
trippin with me
got my sucka duckaz
so they aint mean shit to me

it's gonna be dope lol