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Thread: Classic tracks....

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    Classic tracks....

    I was talkin to someone who heard K.O.D., and he said the album is good, not one bad song on the album, but theres not any GREAT, standout tracks like Anghellic and AP had...This Ring, Einsein, Its Alive, Twisted, Trapped in a Psychos Body etc.....

    Do yall agree with that? Or what tracks do you think could become ics like those songs?

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    Low... Enough said

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    Low gives me goosebumps. especially the chorus the violin gives it goood vibes
    totally feeln that shit man. it makes my heart cry! haha.

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    Senior Member David53's Avatar
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    Low for sure is sick as hell.

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    shadows on the road is a sick song and id have to go with blackend the sun

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    Blackened The Sun and Low are INSTANT ICS.
    More will become ic, to me.

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    blackened the sun and shadows on the road are insta-ics. Leave Me Alone is probably the best single he's ever released too

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    blacken the sun and demons is the shit can never go wrong withe three 6 on that bitch

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    Leave Me Alone
    Shadows On The Road
    Blackened The Sun
    etc etc etc

    Discussion closed.

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    I didnt like shadows on the road till about the 3rd, 4th time i listened to it.Becuase each time i listened to it I was doiin somethin else and not payiing attention to the words. Deep shit dude. what i got out of it was, that he feels like around every corner and all around him there is something stalking him, haunting him. and its trying to get him killed, like some power is aligning against him

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