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Thread: Is This Lyrical

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    Is This Lyrical

    I wrote something and am curious on if you people deem it lyrical. I always thought being lyrical is rhyming syllables. Any thoughts?

    As for the verse I wrote I broke it up into 4 bars at a time being that you can't hear any flow.

    I take a look at the world, got this urge to flip the bird

    Im sick of the same shit, day after day itchin to hurl

    Myself far away, into the waves, bitein the dirt

    Im done here fightin to work, but im way to frightened to burst

    Never be the one to call the ambulence down

    not sayin this because my heart wouldnt pound

    I could never drowned myself never be found,

    out with a rope or a hole but shouldnt doubt

    Why, you go to school to repeat, then you get a little bit older

    Then you go to work to repeat, you grow old then this roads over

    Doesn't anyone think that this redundentcys boring,

    half the day I'd rather be snoring

    Im sick of the little things like taking a shit, or eating,

    whats life really storing

    Id love to sit here and be optimistic, but if god listens

    he might just give in with

    Some answers, like why to believe, I cant just make

    a spot for him instant

    I hate feelin depressed when I write raps, gotta relax or

    I just might snap

    And I never like that, so I just try rap, music is therapy

    Thats what they say, must try that

    This verse feels like a giant ice pack, helps me get where the minds at

    Pull it back to the light fast, now I stand past the dark past

    If you heard the beat you'd proble write something like this to, or not.

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    I liked it. It had meaningful content, I managed to get it to flow while reading with ease which means you did a good job with the syllables. There were a few bits that seemed off to me but it would be good to hear the beat if you can post a link to it because that may explain why it seems off?

    Other than that I'd keep writing. To me that was lyrical. I put several things in to judging how lyrical something is...

    Rhythm (this is the flow of it, the syllables, the rhymes)

    Complexity/Techniques (the use of multi or poly syllable rhymes, hanging bars etc..)

    Connectivity (the reader or listener has to be able to connect in some way to what you've done and understand what you're trying to say, if they can't then no matter how technical your song, it's almost pointless/worthless)

    Depending on if it's just written bars or accapella spitting or a track recorded over a beat then that adds something more. I wouldn't say something is lyrical if the beat is up tempo and aggressive yet the rapper was slow and soft sounding, the contrast and clash is too horrid and takes away from the lyrics.

    Hope that helps you out a bit!

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    I don't think it's very "lyrical" at all, actually. Not saying you're bad or anything, but most of the rhyming is pretty simple and single-syllabic. The song is meaningful and has emotion throughout the verse, but it wasn't complex at all. Very little use of similes, metaphors, multi-syllabic rhymes, etc. And although it is difficult to tell just by reading, I get the sense that your flow is very monotonous and that it never switches up. I don't know man, we all have different standards for lyricism. Keep workin' at it dude. I've been writing rhymes for ten years and as long as you push yourself to do better, you will always do better. You just have to have very high expectations for yourself, tell yourself that you can always be a better emcee. Absorb every type of hip-hop. Be yourself, but try to inherit all the greatest characteristics of every emcee you enjoy in attempt to be better than them.

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    Both of your guys comments are well noted. Appreciate you taking time to type pretty lengthy responses.

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    I think it was dope, the lyrics were deep but they weren't that lyrical. You have the right idea with the syllables, you just need a greater vocabulary and switch it up a bit with the syllabic patterns. You have improved though, I remember back when we would go back and forth on the "4 bar weapon clash thread" and i definitely see improvement so keep working at it.

    Here's an example of switching up the syllabic pattern:

    Insanity, tragedies, katastrofik events//

    death is happening,its tragik,with the madness, you could be next//

    In the night terrorizing, terrified by terrorist threats//

    Tearin' inside your mind, havoc's attackin' watch where you step//

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