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Thread: Quick K.O.D Review

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    Quick K.O.D Review

    Ok so this is all just opinion but I am a huge Tech fan...been one from the beginning...when i heard he was coming out with K.O.D. and it was supposed to be the darkest album...I was a little sceptic...I wasnt the biggest fan of the callbos albums I thought Tech killed everything he was on but they were just alright (nice showcase for new talent) wanted more "Red Nose"...I wasnt to big on Killer either almost gave me that feeling of Tech appealing to more maintstream not the dark Tech I wanna hear...So I download K.O.D. and I gotta say Tech delivers the album is awesome....I would have no problem promoting this and saying this is worth the money... I said ill keep it quick so heres my rundown..."King Of Darkness" real nice beats heavy drums dark feeling to them...Tech is straight telling stories over these beats like only he can.. of its own nobody like him...uses the features well i thought (king gordys verse on horns is still up for debate) stand out tracks: Low, Blackened the Sun, Demons, Hunterish, Killing You & Leave Me Alone...8.5/10 GREAT album!

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    Horns was fucking awesome.

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    100% agree, but I'd add B-Boy to the standout tracks. He deserves the best from this record, got me a vip package on the way and plannin to buy some goodies at a show...representin as hard as I can. Get him to the top!

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