What the fuck is wrong with these new/ old rappers. Tehc n9ne is the badist rapper alive. He is right in his song red nose industry is punks fti and why you aint call. Busta ryhmes, nas, damien marley, ice cube, bonethugs and harmony. Its ridiculoous they know he is the sickest rapper alive and they would rather do a song with lil wyne. the industry is fucked if this is how they treat greatness. I mean seriously three six mafia paul wall and mims all had him featured on there records. and this whole thing about him getting old is bull shit i know he is almost 40 but thats not old for him. He will never stop making music whether it be beats or lyrics. And another thing do you think krizz and techs kids will take over strange music and keep tech and krizzs legend alive by being the best like there father.