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Thread: K.O.D. Music Videos

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    K.O.D. Music Videos

    Which song off K.O.D. do YOU think should be made into a music video?
    Pick 1

    My pick

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    Leave Me Alone

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    He said that he was gunna record a video wed.

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    I'm pretty positive it was L.D.S who said he saw tech at the meet n greet and he said he was making a video for "Low"

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    i seen that too

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    Ah well then, I just picked it cause it's my favorite song on K.O.D.
    Otherwise, if he had no idea what song he was gonna make a video for, what song would you suggest?

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    and Leave me alone
    maybe Demons just for the fact 36 is on it

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    Well he already gots a video for Show Me a God. But yeah I would say maybe Demons jus for the fact 3 6 is on it. I would love to see a video for Temperature though, cause it's sick shit.

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    def low its the best song or for k.od. that songs sounds like a horror movie

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    B-boy have them all cherried up b walkin and shit..

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