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Thread: Support your motherfuckin artist people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Support your motherfuckin artist people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So K.O.D. DOES NOT come out until the 27th right? Right. So why are you motherfuckers coping his shit early and not supporting your god damn artist. Especially Tech of all the artists in the world. I'm not sayin you can't get some songs first then buy the CD but there's people who have the whole CD already and i know they won't buy it. SUPPORT YOU MOTHERFUCKIN ARTIST BY BEING PATIENT THEN BUY IT!!!

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    Do you realize you arent the only one bitching
    Ive seen this thread 6 times

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    If the only way to support tech is financially then im not a real fan cuz at this moment in my life i cant afford to buy the cd.
    But i still downloaded it so i could listen to it and show it to whoever and play it loud through somebodys stereo where everyone can hear
    Thats supporting your motherfuckin artist
    Even if eeeeeveryone on this website downloaded that album and hadnt pre orderd it and didnt buy it itd still sell thousands, millions even of copys all accross the world

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    no one respects what your opinions are so stfu.

    on a side note:

    hey fuckers, buy techs ALBUM!

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    motherfucker ima buy his album
    i support my mofuken artist man.
    plus sayn this shit wont affect no one man
    fuck it
    jus sit back and toke. it'll be all jesus.

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    lol its the skinny icp dude again. lol Its cool cuzzin. I will lose my copy 4 or 5 times. that will make up for the people that dont buy lol

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    hey bro i support everything u said...i aint even download shit from this album the only way i heard it was off his myspace....immma wiat for my cd to come.....i say u wanna download somethin download some whack artist...

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    take the faggy paint of your face juggaho and maybe people will have a little more respect for what you are saying

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    True Tech fans will the buy the C.D. weather they downloaded the leaked copy or not.(I have heard the leaked copy and The sound quality is shit)

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    well idk i pre ordered it allready and will buy it on the 27th at Independent records for a homie bday but .....i also already have the whole CD downloaded early idk whats so bad if im buying it

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