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Thread: Let's Stick To The Point...

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    Let's Stick To The Point...

    Let's Stick To The Point... Now, we've obviously been hearing alot hype and promotion for the past few months about K.O.D. and how Tech says that this is probably his most darkest album he's created thus far...

    Alot of us were pretty dissapointed when we found out "King of Darkness" was what K.O.D. stood for. Very simple, yet realistic at the same time.

    Everyone knows that Tech has the album streaming on his myspace for all to listen to. I've been reading alot of posts saying how they're upset that it didnt meet the expectations they thought it would. It's not as dark as it should be. The beats are weak. Like all the talk was for nothin', you know...

    But let's stick to the point. Tech N9ne is the #1 independent selling artist in the world. His lyrical/musical intellagence has started a movement. My biggest concern was when I listened to "Killer" and the intro he says that this was his last album. Now obviously that wasnt the case, but think about it. What's music with no more Nina?? What will we listen to next? Who's gonna be as big as The N9ne? It's kewl to critique his music, but if you're a solid fan, dont be dissapointed. Just be thankful you're hearing new shit. Let's face it...The mu'fucker is pretty much destroyin' the entire game.

    Now I'm not tryin' to be a dick to anyone. By all means, not at all. I'm just sayin' think about when Tech finally stops creating music. So just sit back, take in, and listen to the music that he's giving you now, because he could stop anytime he wanted for any reason. I really dont know what I would do if my idle just quit on the stop. I listened to the whole cd, and I'll admitt, it really wasnt what I thought it was going to be. It's still the shit! Hard as fuck! Brings the heat! Killin' the industry! No matter what it is!!! Hands down. No one is fuckin' with Tech N9ne in their right mind...

    Am I bullshitin'?? Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Do I have some truth?? Holla if you feel me. Seperate the real fan from the casual listener. Speak your peace and express how you really feel about the album now...

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    That's real talk. The N9ne brings the heat and it would suck if he quit makin music. KOD is dope, but still my favorite is Absolute Power and MLK.

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    Fo sho homie!!! I feel the same way, what the fuck will i listen to if tech steps out of the booth. I listen to ALOT of artists, but NONE are like Tech N9ne. So people, dont bitchin, and appriciate every song cause there will never be anyone else close to Techs level.................BTW.........KOD is fucking tight!!!!! Another master piece from the master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm totally feeling this thread so I'll reply to this one. I listen to a lot of music myself, whether it be mainstream to underground, from country to alternative. But Tech N9ne is just killing the game. I'll probably go nuts if Tech retired. I have over 6000 songs in my iPod and some how I always find myself playing my Strictly Strange playlist. I honestly can't wait for K.O.D. to drop! I'm a religious guy myself and I'm seeing everyone comments on how it's evil and what not, but at the end of the day, it's just entertainment! Respect the music.

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    fuck you.. just kidding
    truth fo real
    fuck the playahataz who didn't feel this album
    fuckers who don't feel it dont feel n9ne man
    this album bout his anger n shit
    shits legit.

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    damn bro u called it out correctly. i respect this shit, 100% right IMO

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    I dissagree that KOD wasn't dark enough... KOD is probably his album to date only 2nd to Absolute Power

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    i feel wat u mean....and idk why people hatin on the cd i just listened to it on his myspace....this cd raw as hell...i love it

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    You're not bullshitin' and you're right, you got my props. It's about respect and be thankful. Nina is at boiling point with all the haters and the rap game treating him like shit, as we all heard from tracks like Red Nose, Nothin', and other tracks alike. Shit Tech can come out and Say, "fuck this shit, fuck everybody, fuck my fans," etc. The K.O.D. deserves a standing ovation and alot of praise. He's one of a few great rappers left in the game. That hasn't changed their . their flow, etc.

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    people just hating cuz he aint using auto tune. KOD is fire. One of his best albums, but can you really put Tech's work in any order worst to best? Hell no!! How is it a disappointment? cuz if anything was a disappoinment Blueprint 3 was IMO. Im always hyped when I hear anything from Tech. And the content of the album, how is it too dark? Its called King of Darkness for a reason. I heard an interview from The King and he even said "The content on the album is like FUCK anyone who ever called me a devil worshiper. Im gonna really make you think it now motherfucker" All Hail The KANSAS CITY KING

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