It's been a minute since I've actually recorded new tracks but last month, I released some of my unheard material recorded for my upcoming debut project"ifed Status" which was previously slated for a drop this coming year. After pushing back a few release dates, I finally lost all interest in pursuing completion of the album altogether because of shady deals with a local graphics business, bad sound production, and most of all, no desire from my city to understand, or co-sign anyone who isn't similar to mainstreams rap artist, heavily influenced by our manipulative radio stations.I know hip-hop heads who converse in these chat room have a profound respect for good music that is lyrical but with a "Strange" aura that would appeal to the Tech N9ne fans alike. I appreciate the feedback and criticism alike, but most importantly, just trying to get back to my hobby of making music. Area 33 Ambassador C. Blaze

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I also battle rap here in Texas under TBL210 and E.A.D. as well check out my footage as I rip my opponent!!!