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Thread: This Whole Technician/Juggalo shit

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    This Whole Technician/Juggalo shit

    After reading all the shit about Juggalo this Juggalo that, they suck blah blah blah.

    I want to say this first before everyone thinks im taking a side because to be honest there isn't sides to chose on this so called debate. Why because in the end its about music and guess what everyone has preference to there taste of music. Also i am a Juggalo and also a hard core Technician and for those who say you cant be both is fucking stupid i didn't know there where rules. I am coming at this on both sides(if you know what i mean lol sorry) but i have been a juggalo since 93-94 and i have also listened to Tech since about 99-2000 so its been a fucking long time for both.

    I read a lot of people saying that Juggalos aren't accepting but if you look on this Forum the first thing you will notice is that Technicians sure as the hell aren't accepting either which doesn't surprise me why because 90% of all people aren't accepting but people who come on here and make a hypocrite out of them self's just look like fucking idiots.

    Now i also read saying 90% of Juggalos are ass's or dickheads well guess what 90% of people are ass's and dickheads same goes for Technicians even at the shows strait Technicians can be fucking assholes and same with the Juggalos at the show.

    It seems that there is just a lot of fucking assholes who like to talk shit on both sides but what i cant seem to understand is WHY THE FUCK THERE IS SIDES IN THE FIRST PLACE i mean especially at a Tech show or on this Forum because ever one is here for Tech/Strange music so why the fuck even bother.

    I just had to add a more serious discussion on this forum about this because it seems that everyone who starts these is on one side and it always just turns into arguing over dumb shit.

    And as i side note i don't think Psychopathic in terms of talent is any where near Strange BUT i also don't think any Record company is, its just that simple......

    Sorry about the rant i was just getting annoyed at reading all the dumb shit between the 2. I love you all Technicians and Juggalos alike Black, White or Hispanic or any other fuckin color, race. It just doesn't fucking matter.


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    Well fuckin said big dog.

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    Well said I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago, after torrence little rant. But its the music that has us all here in the same place and there is love from strange to psychopathic and vice versa. Thats why they're on each others shit all the time so there isnt a need for beef from the fans if your like me you love both I was a LO since beverly kills released and a technician since anghellic and I cant say I like one more than the other. Does strange have more talent yeah I guess but look at what that says about the hustle and grind about I.C.P. and shit. Also for people that what to listen to deep lyrical shit listen to Jamie Madrox lyrics mad skills way underated.

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    well said, but it still dosnt change my opinion on 90 percent of juggalos being fuckin goddamn dumbasses

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    Didn't read your post but think I can sum it up with who fuckin cares?

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    Touche. I rep Strange before Psychopathic but Twiztid is THE SHIT. They should sign on Strange. Haha.

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    Lol true shit im a subnoize rat/technician/juggalo punk guy im all kindsa confuzzled lol but i still dont judge anyone for there opinion even if its critical of what im into. More people should be the same

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    THANK YOU. Should it really even matter who listens to Tech's Music? just like you I was reppin the hatchet since The Riddle Box Era, and listenin to Tech since I heard him Free on the World Famous Wake-Up Show. Tech even said it himself at the Gathering Of The Juggalos over the summer, He's not gonna Alienate Juggalos just because afew people don't like them. He makes music for EVERYBODY!!!!!! if u don't like it. too bad.

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    I feel ya on this story. I've been listenin to Psychopathic and Strange for a long ass time. I like both labels equally. Just my opinioin though. My favorite 2 labels of all time.

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