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Thread: K.O.D. Tour 10/30

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    K.O.D. Tour 10/30

    Dwam on the 30th ima be kickin it with neena and the strange music dynasty this shit is ganna dope

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    Hell yea, that shits gonna be off the wall!

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    hell yeah il be there 2 shit gunna be off da wall

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    thats what im sayin you ganna be there or wht

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    Senior Member Halii's Avatar
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    me too, i'm hella excited!

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    this is the show i'm going to as well...

    love how scenario says denver colorado!

    lol, im taking a dude who loves tech and hasnt seen a show either so i'm excited to see his reaction to it as well!

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    lucky motherfucker(s)

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    I'll be there! VIP shit...seems forever away though!

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    Man you guys don't even know what you're in for......EPIC!!

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    I'm going shit is gonna be so sick.

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