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Thread: K.O.D. Fort Collins

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    K.O.D. Fort Collins

    Anyone from CO going to the show at the Aggie on the 29th!?

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    Fuck yea bro has it sold out yet? Got my Fillmore tickets but not the Aggie yet.

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    i was considering it...but the last two times i have been to the aggie the show just hasnt felt right. Its like they dont put out full energy and now especially since they are playing the fillmore the night after they may really save themselves ya know. the aggie is a very chill place though for sure. you hitting up the fillmore?

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    Got Tix to the Fillmore.

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    I'm not sure if its sold out yet. My boy got the tickets because he lives up there. But, I decided to go to the Aggie this time around instead of the Fillmore. I can't stand that place anymore. The Aggie will be a new experience for sure

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