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Thread: The name of K.O.D.

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    The name of K.O.D.

    Ok, i really don't wanna be the fool to sit here and yap and be like i told u so, but I'm so happy it ended up being just the obvious king of darkness. Like for real, the threads guessing the name got so ridiculous that people spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to make connections that barely made sense. I don't even kno if this is a good thread, but i wanted to make it public how funny it was to half of us that the other half thought it would be so completely hard to guess. No hate, love u technicians, but still, hahahahahahahaha. Peace

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    Most people guessed King Of Darkness for their first guess.

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    i think keeper of darkness wouldve been better

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    Its a dope ass name for an all dark cd tho

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