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Thread: A story i wanted to share, reminded me of what tech is goin through, his motivation, etc.

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    A story i wanted to share, reminded me of what tech is goin through, his motivation, etc.

    Yeah 3 of my friends way back in july were riding in a truck, anyway that truck lost control and smacked passenger side first into a big telephone pull. The truck was demolished and was wrapped like a horseshoe around the pole. The passenger died instantly, the driver got away with some broken ribs, and my friend randy was in the middle seat. He was helicoptered to the nearest metropolitan hospital which was Peoria. We found out later that night that he had to have some surgeries as soon as possible to fix some major eternal bleeding that was goin on. He also fucked up some of his vertebrae so he has to wear this big turtle shell lookin thing around to help heal his back up. Anyway while the docs were repairing his intestines and so on they happen to notice some stuff in his colon that didnt look right. After lookin further into it , turns out my buddy randy has colon cancer. Its amazing that they could spot it, because ur really not ecouraged to get any cancer tests done until ur well into ur forties or if ur family has had a history with cancer. The point to my story is they wouldnt have found this potential deadly cancer if he hadnt been in that accident. We were all pissed off because are friend had died but come to find out my firends life was pretty much saved because of this whole incindent. Anyway i just wanted to share that with you guys, and to basically give another example of how him up above works in mysterious ways.

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    Wow that is really crazy and your friend is still alive and well right.

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    deep shit man

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