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Thread: K.O.D. what do you think so far

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    K.O.D. what do you think so far

    Who thinks that from what you heard this album is going to rock the verse. Who thinks its going to top all of his previous albums. And is this the beginning of tech n9ne conquering every world in hip hop and rap. From what i have heard it is the sickest album i have ever heard in rap and hip hop just from the new age stuff. Not raekwon and the wu tang or nwa or old shit like that. Im talking lil wayne all of the mainstream. This album to me is darker then anghellic i think. And i figured the bonus tracks on itunes are f.u.n. and like i died.

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    Yeah I honestly think from listening to the samples that this might end up being the best album Tech has ever did but its still to early to tell. But I think we all know that Tech is on his A game when he is in a dark place. I mean I really feel sorry for the guy but damn does he make some good music or what!!!!

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    Don't rate this album just yet ppl it aint out yet, u can't jus rate it cuz the samples wait 10 more days 2 rate it, I myself is waitin til the album comes out I'm not listenin 2 the snips or samples of the cd I'm waitin it will jus ruin the album 4 me and I'll b knowin wut I'm gonna witness jus wait til the 27th 2 rate unless u get it early like Rain Dollaz ass(lol had 2 my bad lol)

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    i cant fucking wait i think its gunna be the best tech album to date straight up i dgaf wat anyone else thinks

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    fuck i hate the people who posted the was so temptin and i listened to the samples......and i ruined it for myself but the samples sound sicc as hell, i no it's too early to tell but i have a feelin KOD will be his best album yet!

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