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Thread: Banned from the ShowBox SoDo???

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    Banned from the ShowBox SoDo???

    I hope this isnt true. The concert on Thursday was fucking savage. Can anybody clear up the rumors? Did Tech get banned from yet another Venue in Seattle?

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    DAMNNN, Yeah there alot of stupid fucks that get all pissed when they get bumped into a concert. It's a fucking concert your going to get bumped into, at the least. I saw bouncers getting in fights, some dude was pusing down girls and shit. Man they get a little to hyphy in WA. Yeah, if i wasnt broke i would be down in Yakima tonight.

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    Wow, someone else who knows what there talking about. It's about time. We complain about nothing to do,then when we get such an awesome time like going to a tech concert. Some people gotta fuck it up so he might noe be able to come back here. Im thinking about saying fuck seattle shows. Ill make the drive to my hometown of Spokane and see a show there. Tech loves us in Washington but we fight everytime he comes here.

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    I just think it's funny how people always fuck shit up for other people when artist's or comedians try to bring something to our lovely beautiful piece of shit of a town....and then have the nerve to complain and say "oh there's nothing for us to do here, i'm so bored" blahdy blahdy blahdy fuckin blahhhhh!!!

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    Hell yeah bro, after he flipped his van on the way to Spokane he's been selling that shit out and they give him the most love over there. They did that show with bottles of liquor in there hands and fucking partied after a near death experience. Listen to Enter Everready, They explain it on the intro. That my hometown baby. SPOKANE throw it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    ^^^ i don't give a fuck what anybody say's....SPOKANE is the shiiiiiit......the best tech show I've been to was in SPOKANE for the SICKOLOGY.....a homie and I got so much love from spokane when we showed up with our airbrushed t's.....shit was insane...SPOKANE is pooooppppin....!!! but yeah dude mother fucker's be acting dumb...i mean it doesn't really bug me though because it's been happening for so long (people fucking shit up.) The ritual is me and a couple of homies go out of town for a concert (because they never come to yakima) and get shit crankin over there.....well see how it goes tonight....hope for the best, but expect the worst...(from the crowd)

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