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Thread: Seattle Fans Need to Settle Down!

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    Seattle Fans Need to Settle Down!

    So, I went and seen Tech N9ne last night. I was kind of excited, because he got banned from preforming at The Moore Theater, and I think El Corzone, because the fans were too rowdy and kept causing a bunch of shit. Which is understandable, because we like to party, get fucked up, and afterwards say, sorry and shit. Anyway, last night, same fucking shit. Tons of fights, hella crazy shit, and now, again, banned from playing at that venue! If this shit keeps happening, Tech N9ne won't have a spot to kick it in Seattle. As you can tell, this is more of rant, and not a post. All I'm saying, to the Tech N9ne and Juggalo fans of Seattle is, SETTLE THE FUCK DOWN!!. I mean, don't get me wrong here. You can still get drunk, high, or both! Just stop the fucking fighting!

    As for the show, it was dope as usual. Slaughterhouse is wrecking crew of a group and are going to be big in the future. Can't wait for Tech's new album to drop and looking forward to more Strange Music in 2010!!

    P.S. - Kutt Calhoun was dropped a couple times last night, while stage diving. FYI... If you get to the show early and decide, you want to be in front of the stage, DON'T BE A FUCKING PUSSY AND DROP THE PERFORMER!

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    he should play the Everett comcast arena its not that far from seattle and its a nice venue

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    True fucking story im from seattle born and raised "west seattle" went to every TECCA NINA show since he played @ Neumo's or whatever the *uck.. and ive been kicked out at many not for fighting but mainly my Marijuana habbits. whats wrong with listining to dank music and smokin herb???

    SO i moved to Arizona 9 months ago and have went to 2 shows down here and going to these next 2 in a few dayz.. VIP in TUSON, lets kick it!!


    and the fans here are so much more chill, i love my seattle'iates.. but we a rowdy group "riot makers" if you will.. i just wanna kno that when i go back I'll have


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    Doesn't scenario specifically tell people not to fight before the set? tsk tsk tsk seattleites.

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    Yeaa... That show got wayy outta control.

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    Of course all the Juggalo trailor trash hillbilly douche bags gotta ruin everything like always

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    how did you hear he got banned from showbox? damn that blows, i only saw a couple of fights, some stupid mother fuckers, we went there to party, you wanna try and show someone your hard get in a fuckin MMA ring......FUCK that pisses me off he got banned.....the show was fucking tight!!!

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    and what the fuck is with the juggalowlifes bringing their kids? saw one there that must have been 8 years old, great parenting!!

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    This was after the show. Hella funny! There was literally like 4 or 5 fights. i loved it! i can hold my ground. Soooo many Areolas too!!!!!!

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    That's fucking bullshit. There used to be WAAAAY more fights at the Premier, aka Showbox SODO before they changed it. Tech never got banned, the Showbox owners are just pussy ass bitches. Y'all don't understand, Tech shows get rowdy, that's how it fucking is. I admit, the people started fights last night were bitches, Seattle has such a down ass fan base for Tech nowadays that we all go to smoke drink and have a good time, there shouldn't be any fights. BUT THATS WHAT THE FUCK BOUNCERS ARE FOR. So y'all can't handle TWO small ass dudes in the crowd who had too much to drink? WOW. That's some of the lamest shit I've ever heard. Y'all never woulda cut it back when Tech's shows were reeaaally live. Hostile Takeover Tour? Psshhhh...Absolute Power had people mobbing like a mahfucka. Tech was the one who instigated the shit! Cept there was always one rule...the same rule that applies to every mosh pit: Somebody falls, PICK EM BACK UP. Somebody wants out? LET THEM OUT. If you don't wanna get fucked up, STEP THE FUCK OFF. Tech would announce that, "yes people, now is the time for the mosh pit! All my real G's and juggaloes get ready to let this shit pop off!" Then he'd take the time to explain how shit's gonna get a little crazy, and until crazy time is over, all the pussies and their girlfriends better step to the side.

    I expected so much though. Tech crowds ain't like they used to be. A bunch of white kids who ain't heard of him til he really blew up, and will only see a concert if nobody invades their bubble and touches them. Busters...we finally got rid of The Moore and their bitch ass assigned seating, where there ain't no room for a mosh pit, come to find out that's what y'all wanted in the first place. I don't know bout y'all, but I'm a fucking riot maker. I don't start fights, but I also don't puss out soon as I see one coming. I guess mosh pits really don't belong in rap. See y'all at the next Limp Bizcut show. PEACE

    Where we gonna go now tech? They banned you from pretty much every venue in Seattle.

    Everready: Track 2: You'll get it

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